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Here’s no secret that a great dispatcher can make your company more revenue and save you time all while your business is growing the way you want it to!

We're going to mention a few services here:

  • Personal dedicated dispatcher assigned to clients, available 24/7 with weekend assistance
  • Negotiation of top-paying rates from brokers and multiple load options within dedicated lanes
  • Assurance of continuous driving throughout the working day and increased gross revenue
  • Negotiation with brokers for loads at cost per mile higher than average market rate
  • Assistance with necessary paperwork and checking brokers' day-to-day rating and credit score
  • Planning of routes, comprehensive support in emergency cases, and accommodating drivers' needs
  • No contract or upfront fees to get set up with the service.
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Dry vans ensure the safety and security of cargo during transportation, offering significant benefits to clients nationwide. With protection from various elements, dry van units and drivers play a vital role in powering our logistics operations. Truckmate offers the support of friendly and honest dry van dispatchers to deliver optimal outcomes for your clients. Our expertise in building strong relationships with drivers provides a solid foundation for their success, enabling them to focus on what they do best.

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Partner with Truckmate for truthful and reliable dispatch services. Flatbed trucks play a crucial role in supporting our economy, enabling the transportation of heavy and bulky materials required for construction and landscaping projects. Truckmate offers top-notch flatbed dispatch services to connect you with clients and meet their heavy-duty logistics requirements. Contact us today for a quote via phone or email.

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Refrigerated trucks, also known as reefer trucks, are essential for businesses across the US that require temperature-controlled freight to transport sensitive cargo such as meat and produce. To continue providing excellent service, reliable dispatchers are crucial. Truckmate offers a personal and transparent approach, alongside streamlined processes, to support your business with dispatching reefer freight. Our comprehensive services cover the entire dispatching process, providing the right attitude and support for your business to keep it moving smoothly. Contact us today to experience our personalized and stress-free dispatching services for your reefer truck.

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Transporting oversize and over-height cargo with step deck (or "drop deck") trailers is a big responsibility that requires significant logistical and organizational effort to keep your business afloat. However, this can be challenging when you're bogged down with tasks such as finding and assessing prospective loads, haggling overprices and rates, and generating paperwork to meet industry regulations. Fortunately, Truckmate can help you focus on getting your large loads safely and on time. Our comprehensive dispatching services handle all the administrative tasks, ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and sector guidelines. Contact us to experience hassle-free and reliable step deck dispatching services.

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Our team of remote agents is committed to delivering exceptional customer service, and our sales team employs a variety of marketing strategies, such as Google Ads, to effectively connect with potential clients.

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